HTC Desire P and Desire Q: more details emerge

HTC Desire P and Desire Q: more details emergeA couple of weeks ago Lewis was lamenting the fall from grace of the HTC Desire brand, with the Desire P and Desire Q reportedly the latest two handsets we can expect to appear bearing the Desire name.

Now we can add a little bit more about them – in case anyone is interested – including some official pics ahead of the pair's unveiling over in Taiwan.

In keeping with other recent Desire efforts, the upcoming Android duo are set to be low-to-mid range smartphone campaigners, with their looks sticking largely to the standard HTC template.

The Desire P (or the T326h) will be available in red and white, and will come with a 4.3in WVGA, 8MP camera, dual-core 1GHz processor plus expandable memory.

The Desire Q, meanwhile (the T328h) has a smaller 4in display and adds a black option to the colour palette for you to choose from.

The only other detail we can glean from the Korean publicity material is that both will come with Beats Audio sound software on board, but that's hardly a surprise for HTC.

No specifics on which version of Android will be on board, though surely it can only be Jelly Bean. The Desire P and Desire Q will be available in the Far East first, though we don't have a date as yet, while SIM-free launch prices have been pegged at the equivalent of around £240 and £155 respectively.

They're sure to be more than that if and when they land in the UK, of course, and hopefully we'll have more details to report on that front in due course.

Via Android4TW

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AhmadCentral  Mar. 26, 2013 at 12:15

The only other detail we can glean from the Korean publicity



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