HTC Desire HD replacement pictured?

HTC Desire HD replacement pictured?No sooner do we comment that HTC have been a bit quiet recently than all kinds of new phones sprout out of the woodwork for us to take a look at.

Yesterday we got news that the HTC 7 Pro and Gratia were heading to the UK next month, and today mobile site PocketNow brings us images of a host of interesting-looking devices that could be showing up on the HTC stand at Mobile World Congress next month.

We'll start off with what looks potentially like HTC's next flagship Android device. The unnamed device has a slightly more rounded design than the current HTC Desire HD and a redesigned earpiece, which sits next to a chrome-framed forward-facing camera. PocketNow speculates the screen size to be around the 3.8in or 4in mark.

Next up is a smaller handset that looks to be quite an intriguing proposition. It features not only the standard four-button array below the screen that clearly identifies it as running Android, but a trackball too. With a screen size of around 3in or 3.2in, it seems like HTC is effectively targeting the device to be a Nexus One mini.

HTC Desire HD replacement pictured?Also pictured is what appears to be an Android mid-ranger, which has taken a different design route again, this one offering an optical D-pad flanked by physical call/call end buttons on the front, plus a forward-facing camera up top. It too appears to have quite a modest screen size.

And lastly, PocketNow also outed a large-screen device that looks headed for the Chinese market only at this point. Another Android contender, this one looks to be in the 4.3in-plus category, though lacks the forward-facing camera seen on some of the others.

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