HTC Desire HD, SIM-free, £390 delivered @ Amazon

HTC Desire HD, SIM-free, £390 delivered @ Amazon[HD Desire would be a great name for a blue movie… @ Amazon]

If you fancy an HTC Desire HD without being tied into an 18 or 24-month contract, have a gander at this dealio on Amazon. £390 gets you a SIM-free HTC Desire HD, delivered right to your door. The RRP is listed as £539. Blimey.

The HTC Desire HD is sold and dispatched via Prepay Wizard. They’ve only sold 16 items to date, but the feedback on Amazon is 100% positive. Check it out here, on the PrepayWizard Storefront.

We gots the HTC Desire HD specs in full right here on Mobot.

(Thanks to beria on HUKD)

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