HTC Desire HD: Get Sony XLoud Engine

HTC Desire HD: Get Sony XLoud Engine
The HTC Desire HD is getting a little old, but that doesn't mean it isn't receiving development love from the community. One of the more recent modifications to the aging Android phone is the porting of the Sony XLoud Engine. For many who don't know, the Sony XLoud Engine is an audio enhancement engine that allows for clearer, louder and higher quality audio in a very similar manner to Beats Audio. The difference being, of course, that you can actually get Sony XLoud on your HTC Desire HD.

The process is relatively simple and requires only that you have a HTC Desire HD, that you are rooted with terminal emulator and you have your favorite file manager/root explorer application. Well, that's not all. It is highly recommended that you have a backup. However, it is always recommended that you have a backup, even when you're not flashing a modification.

Now, there are two ways to install the modification and you can choose your poison. First is a fully flashable .zip file that you can download from here. Simply flash via recovery and you're all set. For those who like a little adventure in their Android modification processes, read on for the hard way.

The hard way really isn't that hard. First, just download required files from that link. Since Multiupload can't decide if it wants to work or not as of late, it may take a try or two to grab the files. Once downloaded, simply place on your SD Card and unzip. Then, move each file in the .rar to it's corresponding folder on your phone. For example, if it's in /system in the .rar, then move it to /system on your phone. You'll need your favorite file manager with root explorer on it. I prefer ES File Explorer because it's free.

As a point of note, if you cannot get the .rar file downloaded, the .zip file contains all the necessary files in their proper folders as well. So it's an acceptable substitute if the download link for the .rar file does not work.

Once the files have been moved, use your root exploring prowess to track down your build.prop. Once you do, open it and add the following lines at the end of the build.prop:

#Xloud Engine Service

Save it, exit out and we're ready for the final step. The final step requires setting some permissions and so you'll be doing a few commands. Make sure you type these lines exactly as they are printed, otherwise they will not work. The commands are:

busybox chmod 0771 /system/framework/semc_audioeffectif.jar
busybox chown 1000.1000 /system/framework/semc_audioeffectif.jar

Once that is finished, simply reboot the device and you're done! You may navigate to YouTube and listen to the theme of Happy Days the way Sony intended its users to listen to it, with XLoud.

If, for whatever reason, something goes horribly wrong, you should just have to restore a backup. In case you didn't, simply delete all the files you added to their respective folders and remove the lines from the build.prop, reboot and you should be back to normal.

Until next time, Mobotniks!

Source: XDA Developers

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