HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Review: The Prince formerly known as "Ace"

HTC Desire HD Review: The Prince formerly known as "Ace"

Jan Stuhlmacher  Jan. 11, 2011 at 17:38

It's the same old desire..., crooned Ozzy Osbourne, and P.J. Harvey asked, "Is this Enough Desire"... and on and on. It seems we all have issues with desire, but for those of you who have used the original HTC Desire the questions may indeed be valid: Is HTC's new Opus Magnus, the Desire HD enough? Just bigger but the "same old..."?

Answers. It Is. It Isn't. The image above may partly explain why many reviewers judged the HTC Desire HD as "just a slightly updated and bigger Desire." Every HTC phone is promoted using more or less the same homescreen image, and th e homescreen dominates a touchscreen phone. HTC obviously try to create brand awareness, and though the Sense UI clock has almost become synonymous with "Android phone", it seems now it's backlash time. Is the prince worthy of the crown? Are there actually new clothes on the future King?

Fear not. This is the Android King, and the King rocks.

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