HTC desire or motorola defy?

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frodolovesthering  Feb. 7, 2011 at 20:50

There seems to be very little difference in terms of specifications:

The desire's processor is slightly faster, (1000mhz compared to 800 on the defy).

In terms of looks, I prefer the Desire.

mmbeak  Feb. 7, 2011 at 21:31

While the specs may be similar, in practice they're very different phones. The Defy is obviously going to be more physically hard-wearing, but I personally think the Desire 'feels' like a higher quality product. Also remember that while the LG is sold a harder-wearing, being an LG means it only carries a 12-month warranty as opposed to the HTC 24-month warranty. Something to consider should you be looking long term.
Hope this helps!

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 7, 2011 at 21:58

Personally, I'd prefer the Defy. I like the Desire, and it's classy, but there were also things I didn't like: the optical trackball for one - yes, it's useful occasionally, but not useful enough (imho) to make up for the many times it got in the way. And though the Desire is well built, its screen is not Gorilla glass - another big plus in the Defy. (eventually, you move on to another phone, and nothing knocks money off a phone's value like scratches on the screen.)
As to the processor: yes, the Desire has a snapdragon 1Ghz processor, but: HTC's Sense UI is incredible resource hungry. From all I hear/read the only moments when the Defy shows lag is when it comes to snapping pics. But not a single Android phone I used excelled as a camera. And I've seen photos taken with the Defy - lag aside they look quite good.
And then there's a bit of HTC tiredness... The Desire does look a bit 'samey' - I bet 80% of 'ordinary' consumers cannot tell the Smart from the Wildfire from the Desire. That is subjective, of course, but something different can be nice too. The only nag mentioned by many reviewers is the Defy's call quality: apparently voices sound a bit tiny. (remember, the phone's 'water-proof' to a degree.) But people on the other end seem to not complain. And who makes calls anyway :p oops
Not sure what LG mmbeak is referring to, but if I had to choose between the Desire and the Motorola Defy, I'd probably pick the Defy. HTC are getting a bit comfy. I don't like that hahaha

spaaa  Feb. 8, 2011 at 17:37

Defy, every day of the week.
The 800mhz texas instruments processor performs almost as good as the 1ghz snapdragon (google it), it's not all about clock speed.

The defy's screen buttons are much better than the desire's physical buttons.

The defy is robust, the desire isn't, and lets face it unless you have insurance on a smart phone then getting them fixed is really expensive.

The motoblur ui is much better than the htc sense (i've been a htc hero user for 18months before getting my defy).

The defy is cheaper than the desire, and at £280 from amazon, you can buy it outright and replace it after a year.


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