HTC Desire Z, SIM free, £265 @ Ebuyer

HTC Desire Z, SIM free, £265 @ Ebuyer  Go to this HTC Desire Z @ Ebuyer

Holy crap. A couple of months ago we found ourselves raising our eyebrows at a £339 deal for the HTC Desire Z. Well now it’s even cheaper, at the incredibly sexy price of £265 at Ebuyer.

Amazon is quoting “1 to 3 months” for availability at the same price, but Ebuyer has a whopping 1,334 in stock for next day delivery.

The HTC Desire Z is pretty much the HTC Desire with a QWERTY keyboard. The processor is 800MHz compared to the Desire’s 1GHz, but they both have 5MP cameras and 3.7in screens.

Check out the full HTC Desire Z spectoids here.

(Thanks to DJBucko2009 at HUKD)

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annefanous  May. 11, 2011 at 10:41

It's now on at £387.81. That cheap deal only seemed to last a day.


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