HTC the dominant Windows Phone partner... for now

HTC the dominant Windows Phone partner... for now

A senior HTC executive says the Taiwanese firm is the most successful Windows Phone 7 partner by some distance, accounting for one out of two WinPho handsets sold so far.

And given the platform's modest sales performance so far, we should clarify that we mean half of all the Windows Phone handsets sold to date, not that just two phones have been sold so far in total.

Since launching last year, Windows Phone 7 has had a tough time getting off the ground, partly because competition between mobile platforms is so fierce, and partly because it's far from the finished article.

The forthcoming Mango update – or Windows Phone 7.5, if you prefer – addresses much of that, packing in more than 500 tweaks and enhancements to take the OS to the next level.

As a result, new Windows Phone handset releases have largely dried up altogether, with manufacturers now clearly looking to hang back until Mango is unleashed.

In the meantime, though, HTC doesn't seem to be doing too badly, with senior executive vice president Fred Liu claiming that one out of every two Windows Phone 7 activations comes from an HTC device, along with one out of every five Android handsets. Overall, he revealed that HTC sells a new smartphone every 0.68 seconds around the globe.

It remains to be seen how that share of Windows Phone activations will be affected by the release of Nokia's debut Windows Phone handset towards the end of the year, and what HTC is lining up in response.

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