HTC One E8 seemingly next for the ‘Eye’ treatment

HTC One E8 seemingly next for the ‘Eye’ treatmentTime was, HTC clearly thought more is more. And when that didn’t work, it went back to less is more. Now that that’s not working, it’s swung back the other way, and currently it seems to think shoving ‘Eye’ on the end of everything is the solution to all life’s woes.

Last week saw the launch of the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC One M8 Eye. Next in line for Eye-ification is the One E8 (above). The One what? More below.

The HTC One E8 seemed like a frankly fantastic idea prior to launch, essentially offering the same specs as the flagship One M8, but being more wallet-friendly on account of its plastic shell.

In reality, it had a relatively quiet launch, and slinked onto retailers like without a great deal of fanfare.

Anyway! That’s the HTC One E8. So what does shoving ‘Eye’ on the end mean? Well, here’s where it starts to get a little confusing.

See, the HTC Desire Eye was the first Eye phone (ahem), with the headline feature being its 13MP front camera.

Meanwhile, the HTC One M8 Eye says goodbye to UltraPixels, and instead adopts a more orthodox 13MP rear camera. On the front, it’s still 5MP, same as the plain old One M8. Still with me?

The HTC One E8 already has a 13MP rear camera, so presumably it’ll have a 13MP front camera. Or, it might be upgraded to a 13MP Duo camera on the back. Or both!

Bonus points if you’ve managed to see this story through. Even I’m not sure what I’m talking about anymore.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, it’s Indian import/export tracker Zauba that’s spotted the HTC One E8 Eye. As such, the finer details are largely elusive (it’s grey or silver and has NFC), but presumably we’ll learn more in the coming weeks.

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