HTC One E9 specs: 5.5in display, QHD resolution, 8-core CPU?

HTC One E9 specs: 5.5in display, QHD resolution, 8-core CPU?For those of you crying over the relatively modest 1080p resolution on the spanking new HTC One M9, well, don’t dry those tears just yet.

We’re hearing word of a super-specced HTC smartphone from out east, with the headline feature being – you guessed it – an eye-melting QHD display.

That’s the story according to China-based leakster @upleaks, who accurately shared a bunch of details about the HTC One M9 prior to launch. As such, we’re thinking this “HTC One E9” might well be a thing.

The cheeky chap says HTC One E9 specs will include a 5.5in QHD display, 8-core Mediatek processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, BoomSound tech (presumably front-facing stereo speakers), and Android 5.0 with Sense 7.0 overlay.

As for cameras, the HTC One E9 will supposedly follow the One M9’s lead with a 20MP rear camera (no UltraPixels, no mention of the short-lived Duo Lens), while the front rocks either a 13MP camera or 4MP UltraPixel shooter.

Question is: Is this the phone that was previously rumoured as the HTC One M9 Plus? And in either case, are we getting a QHD smartphone from HTC in the UK anytime soon? It’s likely that the HTC One E9 will stay out east, with @upleaks mentioning China Unicom in his article.

What do you think? Are you ravenous for QHD, or is the 1080p HTC One M9 entirely acceptable as is?

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