HTC Evo 3D coming to Europe after all?

HTC Evo 3D coming to Europe after all?We found ourselves looking across the Atlantic with jealous eyes last week as HTC revealed the 3D-toting Evo 3D powerhouse at CTIA in Florida – mainly because there was no word of an international release for the 4G-loving smartphone.

But if HTC France is to believed, that might be changing sooner than we think, with a tweet from our French friends appearing to confirm that the Evo 3D will launch in Europe as is.

The Evo 3D is the second 3D-capable phone we've seen unveiled this year after the LG Optimus 3D's launch at Mobile World Congress last month, and uses the same auto-stereoscopic 3D tech on its 4.3in screen.

With the Evo 3D announced purely for the US market, however, we had resigned ourselves to waiting on another European cycle of launches later this year for the 3D tech to appear on a similar handset in the UK.

HTC France seems to know differently. Its Twitter feed drops a nice bit of Evo 3D-related news our way (translated from French): “You want an HTC EVO 3D for France? So do we! It'll keep the same name, too. Release date has yet to be confirmed.”

We're pretty sure that if a French launch for the high-flying Android handset is indeed pencilled in, we'll see the Evo 3D land in the UK too around the same time. We can only hope.

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