HTC Evo 3D, SIM free, £230 +delivery @ Asda Direct

HTC Evo 3D, SIM free, £230 +delivery @ Asda DirectGet this HTC Evo 3D deal @ Asda Direct

What’s this? Two deals in one day? You better believe it, Jeeves. The autostereoscopic HTC Evo 3D continues to drop in price, and is now available for £229 from Asda Direct. Sacre friggin’ bleu.

Check out our HTC Evo 3D specs page.

Various delivery options from £2.95.

(Thanks to Zodiak at HUKD)

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bex85  Feb. 13, 2012 at 17:42

Glad I didn't decide to buy one the other day when I saw they were £250 which I thought was a good price. This is even better :). I saw one in a small local store earlier (didn't think they'd sell them to be fair) but, they were still £250 but, as I say, wouldn't expect that Asda to sell anything like that any way.


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