HTC exectives arrested for attempting to steal company secrets/falsify sales numbers

Sounds like some dissatisfied excecutives were trying to pull a fast one and leave HTC to start their own company using HTC secrets
Slightly concerning is the suggestion they had "faked sales numbers" in order to increase their mid-year bonus that they were waiting for before they quit. Maybe the HTC One has done worse that reported?

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 3, 2013 at 13:08

Maybe the HTC One has done worse that reported?

I actually believe ALL smartphones have done worse than reported.
Those corporations won't go public by saying, "Hey, the economy sucks. People have more pressing issues than newest biggest non-innovative innovation evah** " (***until next month)

You can read until your eyes fr*gging bleed about the nonsense "analysts" churn out - but don't forget: all that is advertising. And ads don't show people deciding between schoolbooks and groceries.

I come into contact with A LOT of people in my real life job. I haven't seen many HTC Ones... I haven't seen a Sony Z etc.
Galaxies, yes. And heck: probably more Lumias than non-Samsung Android phones.


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