HTC Facebook phone: now comes the denial

HTC Facebook phone: now comes the denialWe saw it coming, to be honest, but even we're a little surprised by how quickly Facebook has moved to deny rumours linking it with a Facebook-branded smartphone.

In case you missed it, a story popped up in City AM – the free morning newspaper – yesterday, claiming HTC had penned a deal with the social networking colossus to produce a pair of smartphones made by HTC but with Facebook's name on them.

The story quoted unnamed sources – always a warning sign – in revealing the devices would use Android with a Facebook-friendly overlay.

Today, though, comes a message from a Facebook spokesperson saying that “the rumours around there being something more to this HTC device are overblown”. Dan Rose, Facebook's head of business development, meanwhile, clarified the matter further by saying this was “just another example of a manufacturer who has taken our public APIs and integrated them into their device in an interesting way”.

Let's face it – phone makers these days, HTC included, do everything they can to make their handsets as easy to use with the social network as possible – why wouldn't you, considering it's a service used by more than half a billion people worldwide?

By that reckoning, every phone is a Facebook phone to a greater or lesser extent, but that doesn't mean Facebook has had any influence at all in product development, and certainly doesn't mean its name will appear anywhere near the finished product.

But that won't stop the rumours, we're willing to bet.

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