HTC Flyer: available on May 9 for £600

HTC Flyer: available on May 9 for £600We've had the HTC Flyer on our radars for a while, and it's been getting some pre-order love from a number of online retailers for about a month now.

Trouble is, in the interim the iPad 2 has arrived at a super-competitive low price, and a good number of Android rivals have adjusted their prices to suit. But HTC must have missed the memo, as the Flyer will land in the UK on May 9 for the frankly ridiculous asking price of £600.

And just to clarify, we're talking about the Android Gingerbread-powered 7in Flyer that we saw unveiled at Mobile World Congress back in February, not the newer version released in Florida last month.

The price matches what Clove were quoting for the Flyer on its pre-order page four weeks ago, though the retailer had the impression at the time that the Flyer would be launching at the middle of this month.

For our part, we can't see much justification in stretching to such a high price for a 7in slate running an outdated version of Android that we now know won't be updated to the current generation. But maybe that's just us...

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Stelph  Apr. 13, 2011 at 10:59

£600? For an android tablet smaller than the iPad?......

Silly HTC, its a nice tablet and a great idea (providing a stylus but not making it mandatory) but far, far too expensive. I would be interested if it were priced at £250 tho


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