HTC Flyer interest only moderate so far

HTC Flyer interest only moderate so far

We saw a good few interesting tablets at Mobile World Congress last month, and the HTC Flyer was among the best of them.

But if HTC is bullish about its 7in slate's prospects, it's not showing it, as the company is planning to build just a million units between now and August.

That's in stark contrast to plans for the iPad 2, with Apple having lined up as many as 12 million units for Q2 alone.

The figure, reported by the Chinese Economic Times, paints a fairly sobering picture about the iPad's tablet rivals' realistic prospects of taking on Apple's market dominance – especially considering the fact that the Flyer is one of the more original tablet offerings we're likely to see this year.

HTC has bucked the current trend for larger-screened tablets and opted for a 7in screen size instead. And even more originally, the Flyer will ship with a stylus too for more accurate text entry and drawing on screen.

There's no word on price yet, but we're expecting it to cost around 20% more than the iPad – another factor counting in the Apple slab's favour.

Is HTC just being cautious, or is this a sign that the iPad's rivals are going to have to share a fairly small piece of pie among an awful lot of hands? Time will tell...

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