HTC One gold on the cards?

HTC One gold on the cards?The iPhone 5S touched down this week in three colours, namely silver, space gray and gold, with the latter proving to be the most divisive. Tacky? Classy? You decide.

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, for one, appears to be a fan of gold, as we’re getting a glimpse of its flagship in – you guessed it – Au.

Android Authority has gotten its hands on some leaked shots of the HTC One in gold, and it appears to have a similar “champagne” hue to the iPhone 5S.

The difference here is that the gold colour is visible on the front of the HTC One. With the iPhone 5S, the gold is reserved for the rear and sides, with the front being white.

Even the Authoritarians suggest taking the HTC One gold news with a pinch of salt, though the Taiwanese did previously confirm (at IFA) that they’d consider further colour options.

The HTC One launched earlier this year in silver and black, and more recently we’ve been introduced to Glamour Red and Vivid Blue variants.

Colour aside, the HTC One has garnered its fair share of critical acclaim, including a Best New Device award at MCW 2013, and the EISA’s European Advanced Smartphone of the Year.

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