HTC One gold edition announced: hey, good lookin'

HTC One gold edition announced: hey, good lookin'Back at IFA, HTC promised it would consider adding to the silver, black, red and blue colours the HTC One is available in, and today it's delivered: behold the gold HTC One.

It's gold in colour, rather than actual metal, which should keep any ridiculous price premium from being tagged on, and it's coming to the UK and Europe anytime soon.

The possibility of a gold HTC One emerged a couple of months ago when a leaked assembly line pic hit the web showing a gilded-looking chassis encasing what was clearly an HTC One.

Then things went quiet, until today that is, with HTC having made the whole thing official and giving us some official imagery to cast our eyes over.

The fact that the finished article looks so easy on the eye is probably more testament to the One's overall design than the colour it's been painted, but whatever – it looks smart, so good work all round.

Beyond the colour change, however, it's very much the standard HTC One we all know and for the most part love. That means 5in full HD screen, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor 2GB of RAM, 4G LTE, UltraPixel camera, and all the rest.

What is questionable is just why HTC would wait as long as this to release its golden flagship. Rumours are already rife about the HTC M8, the One's successor, and no wonder – the HTC One itself launched back in February, so is probably just three months from being replaced. Why launch a new colour option now?

Maybe you're not bothered by any of that, and if so good for you. What we can't help you with yet is any details on price and availability other than to say it'll be announced soon.

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