HTC One hit by major supply shortage fears, Ultrapixel camera to blame?

HTC One hit by major supply shortage fears, Ultrapixel camera to blame?HTC is up against it right now, so what it really doesn't need is any kind of production delay hitting the HTC One, pretty much the only truly good thing it has produced for a long time now.

Yet that's exactly what has happened. Straight off the back of HTC's roughest month for three years on the money front comes news that HTC is struggling to keep supplies coming in of a couple of components used in the One's Ultrapixel camera.

The parts in question are believed to be the voice coil motor and compact camera module, and channel checks by KGI Securities suggest HTC may only be able to ship between 800,000 and 1.2m One units over the next few months.

That would be a disaster for HTC, particularly given that the 4MP Ultrapixel snapper is probably the boldest new feature the HTC One has to offer.

Android Authority claims HTC is delaying the One's launch in less critical markets such as Singapore and Taiwan to reduce the impact of the supply squeeze.

There's no word yet on any impact to UK supply, but the likes of China and Japan could only see the HTC One arriving in May, which will surely be far too late to make any kind of impact against the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which is likely to go on sale well before then.

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Pondlife  Mar. 9, 2013 at 15:23

Depending on s4 demo they might find they've got loads to go around..


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