HTC Holiday to come packing a 4.5in screen?

HTC Holiday to come packing a 4.5in screen?A couple of weeks ago we brought you news of a quartet of new HTC mobile devices said to be bubbling under, complete with the now-compulsory nondescript full-frontal image renders.

One of that group was the HTC Holiday, and while we had nothing further than a pic to go on back then, that's now change, and if the latest rumours are correct the Holiday is now looking at being quite literally one of the biggest releases of the year.

It's funny how the whole touchscreen obsession has turned one of those time-honoured gadget truths on its heads. Phones, after all, used to be getting smaller and smaller. But then came our obsession with screens, and now they're going the other way again – even if they're getting thinner along the way.

Anyway, on to the Holiday, and here we're talking a bonkers 4.5in display, complete with the resolution flavour of the moment – qHD.

In fact, elsewhere too this seems very much to be a combination of all the current high-end Android baubles, together of course with that gargantuan screen. It's a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon that's allegedly chugging away inside, together with 1GB of RAM. Camera-wise, it's an 8MP/1.3MP combo, with Android Gingerbread doing OS duties, as you'd expect.

Like many recent HTC leaks, the info comes courtesy of 911Sniper, and looking at the spec we're fairly optimistic that the Holiday isn't too far away from launching. The only downside is that for now it only seems to be heading for US carrier AT&T, but HTC is normally pretty good to us in the UK, so we're hopeful this oversized number will find its way here in some form before too long.

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robkaper  Jun. 15, 2011 at 00:54

I wonder if this one will include NFC, something missing from the Sensation AFAIK. But definitely looking forward to this one, either way.


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