HTC Holiday snaps

HTC Holiday snapsHTC recently suggested it might release as many as eight new smartphones in Q3, and one of those could very well be the large-screened HTC Holiday.

We first heard about the HTC Holiday back in May. It’s been fairly quiet on the Holiday front since then, but the 4.5in smartphone has just popped up in a series of leaked shots over on xda-developers.

The new HTC Holiday snaps are notable for three reasons. First of all, there’s some frankly unbelievable crackage going on, as if someone has taken a freakin’ hammer to the screen. Nice.

There’s also a rear charging port, suggesting that the HTC Holiday might sit in some sort of cradle, instead of the usual cable shenanigans.

Finally, there’s an absolutely fantastic ‘California’ sticker on the back. It’s unclear whether that’s something internal to HTC, or some audacious customisation. We like to think the sticker was placed there by a big fat party animal with a Hawaiian shirt and bum-bag.

The HTC Holiday is rumoured to have a 4.5in qHD display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and an 8MP rear camera. Noice.

The xda-developers link seems to have died, but head over to SlashGear to check out the full range of new HTC Holiday pics.

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