HTC One James Van Der Beek ad: rubbish?

HTC One James Van Der Beek ad: rubbish?We’ve heard lots of talk about HTC’s awesome new marketing push, with tales of something called, er, Marketing 2.0, and more recently the Taiwanese manufacturer called time on the Quietly Brilliant strategy.

Heck, anything would be better than that HTC One X nonsense with the guy jumping out of the airplane. Or would it? Enter: Dawson’s Creek’s James Van Der Beek. For serious.

Not to be outdone by the slew of new Samsung Galaxy S4 ads (which thankfully ditched Jeremy Maxwell), HTC has churned out a four-minute ad for its flagship.

Said ad functions as a parody of popular reality TV crud The Bachelorette, with a foxy lady choosing between a gang of old-school phones, something that appears to be a generic Android device, and – of course – an HTC One.

I somehow managed to make it through the entire four minutes, and even – hands up – chuckled a few times, but I’m not sure what I think of it.

For starters, it doesn’t really say much about the HTC One, and there’s not really much in the way of competition (HTC vs. antique phones = no contest). But that’s kinda the joke, I guess.

And how about that tagline, "Everything your phone isn't"? What if I love my phone? Does that make the HTC One rubbish?

I dunno; what is the best way to sell a phone? Comedy? Specs? Boobs? Thank zombie Jesus I don’t work in marketing.

Check out the HTC One ad on FunnyOrDie and let us know what you think. Uhm, please. And thanks.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 14, 2013 at 12:53

Marketing is no science.
In an attempt at reverse psychology the CIA financed the production of the animated Animal Farm movie - complete with "subliminals" a la Tyler Durden. It didn't work.
Some of the most annoying campaigns proved most effective. Remember Sunny D? That drink that looked like Mister Burns and Smithers cooked it up? Annoying ads, chemical look, big hit. Than one day: poof.

Treab  Apr. 14, 2013 at 16:35

thank you for giving me another reason to cut my wrists...

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 14, 2013 at 16:37

thank you for giving me another reason to cut my wrists... o_O


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