HTC Lead leaked

HTC Lead leakedPocketnow has obtained a cheeky pic of a previously unseen HTC phone, seemingly codenamed the HTC Lead. We’re not sure if that’s pronounced like led or, uhm, leed. Yes, that’s a word. Shut up.

Other than the picture, there is absolutely nothing else to go on at the moment. No specs, no potential release date, no intended market, no price. Nothing.

It’s hard to tell, but looking at the picture it seems that less of the front is taken up by the display than, say, on the HTC Desire HD. The portion at the bottom with the Home, Menu, Back and Search buttons does seem rather large.

There’s also a strange earpiece at the top, which looks like nothing else previously seen from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

It could be something that HTC has already canned, or perhaps Johnny Photoshop has been hard at work. In any case, we think we’ll eat a tablespoon of salt and file this one under “Hmm”.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 5, 2011 at 15:21

They should have gone all the way - call it the "Leak"... HTC, take a break.


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