HTC lining up quad-core tablet for MWC 2012 reveal?

HTC lining up quad-core tablet for MWC 2012 reveal?News flash: HTC has a bunch of smartphones and tablets in the works. OK, so that's hardly a surprise – hardly a day goes by that we're not chewing the fat over some or other new product our Taiwanese friends have lined up.

But we'll give this one special mention, as it's a pretty juicy rumour it must be said: according to DigiTimes HTC is lining up a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3-based tablet for unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February.

HTC has been Android's best friend in getting the OS' name up in lights on the smartphone front, but it's been a far less prominent player when it comes to tablets, with the Flyer a fairly late-starting effort that has achieved little more than most of the other underwhelming Android slates so far.

However, DigiTimes quotes China's Commercial Times as saying HTC is looking to get an early marker down on some quad-core Tegra 3 action, mindful of the fact that Microsoft will be making its own big play for tablet supremacy with Windows 8 later in the year.

Interestingly, the paper also reckons it'll be HTC's one and only Android tablet released in 2012, suggesting that HTC will be getting in on the Windows 8 action itself.

Either way, that's now some pretty strong indications that HTC will have both quad-core smartphones and tablets in its MWC party pack in Barcelona come Feb, which is good to hear after this year's slightly underwhelming performance.

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Stelph  Nov. 15, 2011 at 09:45

Hopefully with some apps that will make having those quad cores worth while (although saying that I remember that Tegra 3 is supposed to be more efficient than Tegra 2 due to a 5th core that runs very low powered when the tablet is idle.

Interesting if HTC are moving away from Qualcomm tho


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