HTC loves Windows Phone. And Android

HTC loves Windows Phone. And Android

HTC reckons it's committed to working with Microsoft to deliver top-class Windows Phone handsets under the HTC banner despite Microsoft's apparent buddying up with Nokia.

So does that mean HTC will be diluting its attention from Android at all? Er, no, actually. Not at all. In fact, the company sees Android phones accounting for a greater portion of HTC handset sales than ever in the future. Confused? We're not surprised.

The apparently incongruous remarks come from HTC North Asia boss Jack Tong, who was speaking to Dow Jones Newswires in an interview last week.

His headline comments appeared focused on quelling rumours that Nokia's obviously close working relationship with Microsoft was by definition distancing other hardware partners on the Windows Phone platform.

“Our strategic partnership (with Microsoft) will continue,” Tong said. “Microsoft is still committed to us, and we will continue to develop tech devices. Our partnership is strong.”

Yet Tong inadvertently lent support to precisely one of the core reasons Nokia boss Stephen Elop identified recently as being central to the company's choice of Windows Phone as its platform of choice when he revealed that HTC nonetheless expected Android's popularity to continue growing beyond the 70% share of HTC handset sales it currently enjoys.

In other words, no matter how strongly HTC might say it is committed to Windows Phone, the simple facts at present is that Android remains too strong for it – and the likes of Samsung and LG, who are similarly present on both Android and Windows Phone – to make the Google platform anything other than their number one priority.

Elop has pointed to this very point as being a key strategic reason for steering clear of Android and instead committing to Windows Phone fully, where that decision would immediately make it a Microsoft favourite and push it to the head of the Windows Phone development curve.

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sysnet  Jun. 13, 2011 at 22:02

Probably HTC doesn't want to, but has to keep selling Windows phones as part of the patent agreement HTC reached with Microsoft.

Pondlife  Jan. 1, 2014 at 17:04

Well making them at least...


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