HTC M8 Ace: the 2014 One mini by any other name?

HTC M8 Ace: the 2014 One mini by any other name?Right, so let's just come straight out with it: what the hell is that? Well, the short answer is it's the HTC M8 Ace – yes, another Acethe latest in @evleaks' long production line of leaked product shots.

We mean more in the greater context: as in what the hell is the HTC M8 Ace? What's behind that blurred image shot, and why does the handset itself look... for want of a better word... upholstered?

Dealing with the last question first, it's just to do with how the pic has been processed and zoomed in on, while the second is probably because it's common for official renders to show the time and date of the handset's launch, information @evleaks doesn't want to divulge yet, presumably to ensure another round of press interest this time next week.

So back to the original – and most important – question: what is the HTC M8 Ace?

Our source for this story, HTCSource, claims to already have the answer. Based on the likelihood of the HTC logo being the same size across the board, the HTC-watching blog reckons the Ace works out smaller than the M8, but larger than last year's HTC One (M7) Mini.

But with the M8 itself being a bit bigger than last year's M7, the HTC M8 Ace looks to be what HTC has decided to call the 2014 One mini.

A final word on the blurred screen image. While the time and date might be tailored specifically for the Ace, the basic screenshot is clearly the same one present on the One (M8) press renders. Which confirms it'll run HTC Sense 6 UI.

Yes, it's a bit of a no-brainer, but with more important details still thin on the ground, it'll have to do for now.

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