HTC M8 Eye: death to UltraPixels?

HTC M8 Eye: death to UltraPixels?The whole UltraPixel thing has been a tough sell for HTC. As far as the spec sheet is concerned, the flagship One (M8) has a 4MP rear camera and that’s the end of that. You can hardly expect Joe Average to stand and listen to a full-on lecture explaining why it’s not really just 4MP.

There are signs, however, that Ultrapixels might soon be a thing of the past, with the camera-focused HTC M8 Eye supposedly rocking a plain old 13MP rear camera.

That’s the story according to MaximusHD ROM Developer LlabTooFeR, and a statement made on good old twitter.

The tweet in question sounds a little something like this: “M8_EYE is M8 with 13MP Duo camera.It's coming next month with Android 4.4.4 and Sense 6.0 on board. Die ultrapixels, die :) LOL”

The HTC Eye is one of the front-runners for launch at HTC’s mysterious Double Exposure event, which goes down in New York on October 8 – just over a week from now.

Previously rumoured HTC Eye specs include a 5.2in 1080p display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, so we’re definitely talking flagship territory.

Presumably there’ll be some other unique selling point on the HTC Eye. We can’t see it simply being an HTC One (M8) with a slightly different camera; would that really justify a high-profile launch event? We think not. Perhaps it’ll be waterproof or something, too.

Full story one week from Wednesday.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 27, 2014 at 22:20

The M8 is quite amazing in low light. And once you get your head around the high contrast issue, you can get good results.
A problem is that things like Dimension Plus and Zoe are still kind of pointless. Zoe is very bloaty, and really: there aren't enough ways to share content already?
For Dimension Plus they introduced the web-gallery, so you can share the '3D' images online with your twitter and FB BFFs, but the site hardly ever works, and it seems to struggle with certain browsers. And even when it works once, you're not guaranteed it works the next time.
Who wants to share a link to a 3D image with a long explanation as to what browser to use, and how to move the mouse... Pointless. Instead, they should maybe try to make it possible for users to convert the file into a gif... Oh, anyways...

The other issue, obviously, is that the 2nd of the dual cameras is cr*p... So compositions can look okay on a small screen, but look at the resulting image on your PC or TV set, and you see that something's not right...


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