New HTC M8/One 2 pics emerge, but are they fake too?

New HTC M8/One 2 pics emerge, but are they fake too?

A photo was doing the rounds yesterday supposedly showing the rear cover of the HTC M8/One 2, but in truth it was uninspiring enough that we decided to hold off until there was more to say.

Just as well, it turns out, as not only has a senior HTC exec dismissed the snap as a fake, but a couple of new images have now emerged showing the handset in far better detail.

The original pic was posted on Twitter by someone in Russia called @HTCFamily_RU, and showed what appeared to a twin-sensor camera as well as a dual LED flash.

The pic matched up nicely with a poor-quality set of snaps leaked last month also showing a second hole in the rear cover above the main camera sensor, and the twin flash holes alongside.

However, despite those similarities, it hasn't taken long for HTC to shoot down the speculation. HTC Benelux regional director Mark Moons, also posting on Twitter, said dismissively: “somebody has been photo shopping...” and left it at that. Of course, there's nothing to say he himself isn't stretching the truth, but we'll take his word for it for the time being.

Especially since a couple of new pics of the M8/One 2 have turned up showing the handset in much better detail from the front, though there are already suggestions that they too could be fakes.

Looking at the two images side by side, we see one showing the on-screen navigation buttons we've been hearing about lately, and one with them having auto-hid out of view altogether.

The problem is the homescreen background image is identical in both shots, with the black background behind the buttons in the first pic having been created by scaling the image down vertically.

While that's certainly not an impossibility, it seems odd that HTC would go for such an amateurish approach deliberately, especially given the serious photographic sensibilities implied by the dual-sensor-dual-flash holes around the back.

The leakster also throws some specs at us, though there's nothing much by way of surprise there: a 5in full HD display, Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, BoomSound speakers, a dual-sensor 5MP Ultrapixel camera around the back, and Android 4.4 KitKat.

The latest rumours point to the HTC M8/One 2 (can't someone at HTC please come clean on what it will officially be called?) launching in late March, so expect plenty more rumours coming your way before this one is done and dusted.

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