HTC One M9 launch: a couple of hours before Samsung Galaxy S6

HTC One M9 launch: a couple of hours before Samsung Galaxy S6It’s generally accepted that the HTC One M9 (and possibly One M9 Plus) and Samsung Galaxy S6 (and probably Galaxy S Edge) are launching at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on March 1, but which will get the drop first?

Outspoken HTC guy Jeff Gordon says HTC’s press conference will take place 2.5 hours before Samsung’s.

If that name – Jeff Gordon – sounds familiar, it’s because HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager recently described the iPhone as a “terribly boring” choice of phone. We're much better off with an HTC One M8, right Jeff?

In response to a tweet suggesting the Samsung Galaxy S6 might arrive first, Gordon chimes in: “To be precise, HTC has a press conference 2.5 hours before Samsung. ;)”

More specifically, the HTC One M9 will launch at 1600 CET (1500 GMT) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 will launch at 1830 CET (1730 GMT). That at least gives me plenty of time to write them up, I guess.

While MWC 2015 technically opens its doors on Monday, March 2, the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 launches will go down on Sunday, a traditional big player tactic in Barcelona. So much for a day of rest.

Which are you most looking forward to, Android fans: Samsung Galaxy S6? Samsung Galaxy S Edge? HTC One M9? HTC One M9 Plus? Or are you holding out for the Sony Xperia Z4 or LG G4 in summer? Let us know below.

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