HTC One M9: One Life, no brackets

HTC One M9: One Life, no bracketsOne of the most infuriating smartphone naming conventions in recent years has been the HTC One open brackets M7/M8 close brackets. WHY THE BRACKETS?

But it looks like the Taiwanese manufacturer’s next flagship will be the HTC One M9, no brackets, with the tagline One Life. Er, whatever that means.

To be perfectly honest, I’d given up including the brackets almost as soon as they were introduced. HTC One M7? HTC One M8? Works for me, and far easier to type.

Still, it’s welcome news that HTC is officially dropping the brackets, too. Makes me look like less of a journalistic renegade/lazy git.

At one point it was suggested that this thing might launch as the Hima, but current consensus – with less than two weeks to go – is plain old HTC One M9.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, HTC yells: “Help us reveal some big news! This week’s prompt: pick a shape and recreate it. Tag #OneLife & we might use it #MWC15”.

Clearly HTC doesn’t want to be outdone by Samsung with the likes of “Life Companion” and “The Next Galaxy”. And remember: “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone."

Both the HTC One M9 name (sans brackets) and "One Life" slogan were further confirmed in source code from HTC's official site (TechTastic).

The HTC One M9 launch is set for March 1 in Barcelona, just a couple of hours before the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch.

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