HTC One M9 price: €749.99, more expensive than Samsung Galaxy S6?

HTC One M9 price: €749.99, more expensive than Samsung Galaxy S6?The HTC One M9 is finally a reality after months and month of rumours, and while it sounds pretty slick, one thing we’re still not too sure about is the price. How much will the One M9 cost?

Well, if HTC Germany is anything to go by, One M9 price is set in Europe at a higher-than-expected €749.99, that’s roughly £544 in our money, and – crucially – more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Of course, the likelihood is that HTC One M9 price will be closer to £600 than £500 in the UK, but regardless, even in Euros, that’s definitely more expensive than we’d hoped.

The obvious point to note is that Samsung Galaxy S6 price will seemingly start at €699 for the 32GB model, making it €50 cheaper than the One M9. Going head-to-head would’ve been one thing, but pricing the One M9 higher than the Galaxy S6?

Historically Samsung has sold more of its flagship Galaxy S – way more – than HTC has of its One. And here we are faced with the all-singing, all-dancing, glass-and-metal Galaxy S6, all fresh and new, with an eye-melting QHD display, versus the slightly-better-than-last-year One M9.

As such, we don’t expect a great deal to change this year. Samsung will inevitably sell a crazy number of Galaxy S6s, while HTC One M9 sales pale in comparison despite abundant critical acclaim.

What do you think? Is the One M9 worth €50 more than the Samsung Galaxy S6, or is HTC on some sort of drunken Barcelona bender?

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