HTC One M9 Plus specs suggest a smartphone beast

HTC One M9 Plus specs suggest a smartphone beastIt’s been well over a year since HTC introduced the colossal One Max, but we're continually told to expect a larger variant of the imminent One M9 or “Hima”.

Here, we’re seeing leaked specs for something called the HTC One M9 Plus, and if – if – they’re on the money, you can consider our interest piqued.

We’ll come right out and say that we’re not quite sold on the authenticity of the HTC One M9 Plus tweet from @leaksfly, but still hoping it might be legit.

The mention of a “dual rear camera” is enough to set alarm bells ringing, as the HTC One M9 is tipped to cast UltraPixels and Duo Cameras and all that nonsense aside in favour of a plain old 20MP rear camera.

Still, nothing’s official yet with the HTC One M9, and the Taiwanese are all over the place with their camera tech at the mo, so never say never.

For what it’s worth, according to the tweet, HTC One M9 Plus specs also include a 5.5in 2k display (probably larger than the One M9), Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and some sort of fingerprint scanner.

The tipster throws in some purported HTC One M9 Plus pics, but – maintaining our cynical stance – even if the thing is real, it could just be a prototype, and won’t necessarily make it to market.

In summary, we’re dubious, but not-so-secretly hoping the HTC One M9 Plus is a real thing. All eyes on Mobile World Congress in March.

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