More HTC One Max leaks confirm 5.9in screen size, Snapdragon 600 CPU

More HTC One Max leaks confirm 5.9in screen size, Snapdragon 600 CPUTwo days ago Lewis asked as many questions as he answered in revealing that the HTC One Max's supposed fingerprint sensor had been captured by a camera scanner – to be fair, they weren't his questions, just ones that had yet to be answered.

Well step right up, as it seems together with yet more pics of the One Max we have updated info on some of the HTC One Max specs too.

For starters, let's talk specs. So far we have the One Max packing a 5.9in display, supposedly full HD, plus the booming sound of BoomSound speakers. The latest pics show the One Max flanked by Samsung's Galaxy Note II and Note 3 handsets, both of which have smaller displays and yet which look around the same size. Impressive, HTC.

Less impressive is AnTuTu 4 benchmarks (via GSMArena) that only just shade the original HTC One and which fall short of both Samsung adversaries. That seems to confirm the HTC One Max will have a Snapdragon 600 chipset on board rather than the newer Snapdragon 800 we assumed the other day.

That's a fairly significant detail, and a strange one as it pretty much rules the HTC One Max out as a genuine Galaxy Note 3 rival. It should at least be cheaper, though, or hopefully – with its bigger screen that should at least guarantee some interest for those who feel size matters more than, well, pretty much everything else.

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matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 18, 2013 at 21:38

It won't be cheap and now we know it's using an "out of date" SoC for a high end device. Well, it looks like Samsung will continue to rule to Phablet roost.


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