HTC One Max to rock Beats Audio

HTC One Max to rock Beats AudioThe HTC and Beats Audio partnership is finally almost over, with the pair agreeing to go their separate ways just last week.

But ailing HTC and booming Beats still have a trick up their collective sleeve, a potentially decent swan song in the form of the HTC One Max.

In an interview with Stuff, Luke Wood, president and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Beats Electronics, confirms that the Beats Audio logo is set to make an appearance this autumn.

Wood says: “We have a large-format HTC device out in the fallI don't even know if they've announced it yet – so we're still on that device.”

Somewhat confusingly, Wood mentions “several new devices”, though we don’t expect to see anything as high profile as the HTC One Max.

With regards to the partnership, the COO goes on to reflect: “We learned a lot of great things with HTC. Right now I can't comment as to whether that relationship will continue or not continue, but for Beats, it's been very productive, because we've done a lot of work [on HTC phones] and I'm very proud of the way those devices sound."

My favourite thing about the whole saga was the sidelining of HTC CFO Winston Yung, who pushed through the $300 million Beats Audio deal back in 2011. Needless to say, he no longer works for HTC.

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