HTC and Nokia kiss and make up, sign ‘patent and technology collaboration agreement’

HTC and Nokia kiss and make up, sign ‘patent and technology collaboration agreement’Remember eggy80 begged for an Android QWERTY slider, and shortly thereafter the LG Optimus F3Q was leaked? Similarly uncanny, someone asked about the whole Nokia/HTC patent dispute on Thursday, and 24 hours later it was all resolved. I’m scared.

Yep, from out of nowhere, Nokia and HTC have decided to put all the litigation stuff behind them, and enter into a “patent and technology collaboration agreement”. You couldn’t have just done that in the first place, guys?

You have to wonder, too, how much money the pair has spent on legal fees until this point. The lawyers seem to be the real winners in these cases, regardless of the manufacturers involved.

On the plus side, I no longer have to write about tedious patent disputes, woohoo! Well, between Nokia and HTC, at least. Samsung and Apple are set to do battle (again) later this year. Sigh.

The fine details of Nokia and HTC’s “patent and technology collaboration agreement” are confidential, and it’s not clear why the pair had such a sudden change of heart. At one point there was talk of HTC's phones being banned from sale in Germany.

We are told, however, that the pair will “also explore future technology collaboration opportunities”.

Perhaps the ailing manufacturers realised that there are more pressing concerns than patent-related nonsense, with both Nokia and HTC suffering rather dramatic changes of fortune of late.

Nokia was formerly the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, but no longer appears in the Top 5, while HTC recently reported its first-ever quarterly loss.

via: Nokia Press, HTC Investors

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 8, 2014 at 16:05

It's like Valentine's meets It's a Wonderful Life


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