HTC: Nokia WinPho deal good for everyone

HTC: Nokia WinPho deal good for everyoneThere's been a fair bit of speculation about how the rest of the WinPho gang must have felt when Microsoft swaggered in holding Nokia's hand back in February – not helped by some clear attempts by MS to head off any potential grumbling by aiming plenty of sweet-talk at the existing players.

But either it's worked, or maybe it needn't have bothered in the first place, as the most active of those existing players, HTC, reckons it's quite happy that the Nokia deal has been done.

It's fair to say Windows Phone 7 hasn't exactly set the world on fire since launching late last year, though many would argue that any gains at all against a dominant iOS and Android counts as a victory.

But HTC believes that despite Microsoft clearly having a closer working relationship with Nokia than it does with the other Windows Phone partners, the overall effect will be good for everyone.

“The long-term opportunity with Nokia entering will definitely bring Windows back to critical mass,” HTC Europe boss Florian Seiche told Reuters at the news agency's global technology summit in Paris.

Of course, as one of the leading exponents pushing Android's seemingly unstoppable rise, HTC is in the pound seats either way.

“Android has had tremendous growth and we believe that this trend is going to continue, definitely,” Seiche said.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 19, 2011 at 09:18

I actually believe they 'believe' that. HTC have consistently built phones for competitors to then quitly and brilliantly become top dog. They also know Android will eventually plateau, and a weekly new bestest Google phone won't be good enough for much longer. A viable alternative is indeed good. A few years ago HTC took winmo out from the sweaty clutches of sales reps and lawyers into the popular mainstream.
This time around they can leave some of the chores to Nokia, while still peddling Android.


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