HTC offloads big stake in Beats Audio

HTC offloads big stake in Beats AudioWell, that love-in didn't last long, did it? HTC has apparently sold a chunk in Beats Audio - the sound solution it's been plugging heavily on its phones for the last year and was touting as the future.

In fact, half of its shares in the company have been offloaded back to BA in what is being described very diplomatically as "a realignment of their business agreement".

That statement could only have come from America! So, all in all, Beats will end up as the majority stakeholder with 75% ownership, compared to HTC which will retain a quarter.

“Over the last year, HTC and Beats have made great progress in sound innovation, product integration and brand awareness with successes like the HTC One” the companies said. “HTC and Beats will continue to work closely, including a joint global marketing campaign later this year.”

It basically means that Beats will get to work on its strategy for growth and decide where it wants the business to go in the future. However, HTC's stake means that it has exclusivity for mobile devices - so it can still brand the tech on its smartphones and know that no others will be able to boast of having it on board. Ultimately, for the end user, there'll be very little difference.

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CTPAHHIK  Jul. 24, 2012 at 10:37

Who is BA anyways? Do they make headphones or something??? ;)

soltakr  Jul. 24, 2012 at 13:23

Lets hope its British Airways...they could do with better headphones on the fight :p

imo beats not worth it if you want price/quality but style its got, but my expirence is beats on my DHD thanks to xda, then beats solo hd heaphones with my beats hp laptop and now HOX, which came with crappy £1-2 headphones. i replaced them with htc's inline control headphone for while at work. dont think iv ever used my solos on my HOX.

good EQ settings and your sorted or turn on beats. moneys all on the software side for beats anyway.

Pondlife  Jul. 24, 2012 at 13:32

Wonder how many of the headphones ended up in cex.

Suggestion of new model there to go with the big marketing campaign?


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