HTC promises ‘something remarkable’ at Double Exposure

HTC promises ‘something remarkable’ at Double ExposureHTC’s Double Exposure has speculation machines going into overdrive at the moment, with some nut jobs even suggesting the Google Nexus 9 will make its debut at the New York event.

Highly unlikely, we reckon, but there definitely seems to be a massive focus on camera stuff, and that notion is given credence with the launch of a new YouTube video called Something Remarkable Is Coming.

Needless to say, the 37-second video doesn’t give away anything too specific, but camera fanciness is very much the order of the day.

Two main points to note here. First of all, some chick is filmed swimming underwater, so we’re definitely talking waterproof goodness. There’s also a girl filmed playing with a soccer ball in slow motion.

One school of thought proposes we should expect a spanking new camera-focused smartphone in the form of the HTC Eye. Rumoured specs are pretty impressive, so we could be looking at what’s essentially a waterproof HTC One (M8).

Alternatively, we could be looking at a mountable camera accessory, one that attaches to your smartphone or tablet. Or heck, maybe we’ll meet a new device and camera accessory.

The jury’s still out for now, clearly, but it’s just under two weeks (October 8th) till we find out for sure.

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