HTC Puccini 1.5GHz dual-core tablet leaked

HTC Puccini 1.5GHz dual-core tablet leakedThe HTC Flyer – which still hasn’t hit shelves, despite being unveiled at February’s Mobile World Congress – initially raised more than a few eyebrows. In a good way. Alas, as time wore on, those eyebrows were emphatically lowered, as we learned that the HTC Flyer would cost a freakin’ fortune.

HTC also confused us by choosing to ship the Flyer with Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb. What the…? But don’t give up just yet, HTC faithful. Further details of a new tablet are emerging, and it sounds like quite the powerhouse. has leaked details of a little something called the HTC Puccini. Incidentally, Puccini was an Italian composer, renowned for producing operas of dramatic realism (er, thanks Google).

HTC’s Puccini tablet has fairly dramatic specs, including a 10in display with 1280x800 resolution (same as the Motorola Xoom), Honeycomb (Android 3.0), and – most excitingly – a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

The chip is said to have 5x the performance of the original Snapdragon and 4x the graphical performance, and all while using 75% less power. Cripes.

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Stelph  May. 17, 2011 at 12:03

See now this should have the Flyers price point, top level specs all round! The Flyer should be a budget tablet really, aimed at the education market (with the stylus being ideal for taking notes).

Hah just realised how many opinions I express on this site, maybe I should apply to HTC as their marketing head? They prob be broke in a year if I did! :-p

JanSt / MOD  May. 17, 2011 at 13:54

I call for a leak-moratorium. It's bad enaough that somewhere on the planet Samsung and Htc announce a phone every hour, give or take...
If you googgle 'htc flyer release' now, the first few hits tell you it launches in March...or April...or....
The only interesting feature of mass distraction is its stylus, and, as I said straight away, it'll cost extra. And it does.
So, if this new 'leak' has a quad core and superduper this and that, I frankly couldn't care less. Until it's out. But that's just me.


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