Has HTC pulled the plug on the One (M8) Prime?

Has HTC pulled the plug on the One (M8) Prime?The HTC Ace may have broken cover this morning, but it's not all good news for lovers of all things One, as it seems development of another HTC One (M8) variation has been abandoned altogether.

According to the trusty @evleaks, the 5.5in HTC One (M8) Prime has been canned, leaving “just” the three remaining One spin-offs – the Ace and the Plus and Advance we covered yesterday.

That's still absurd considering we're talking about a device that is officially called the One, but it's unlikely that HTC cancelled the Prime out of sympathy for the English language.

So what is the reason, then? The @evleaks tweet doesn't say, and considering HTC's strategy seems muddled at the best of times, we can but only guess.

It's possible HTC is afraid the Prime will damage the appeal of the regular HTC One, which let's not forget is the successor to probably 2013's smartphone of the year and so is a phone HTC really needs to succeed.

Looking at HTC's lineup last year, it doesn't take long to spot that what we know about the Prime (especially the larger 5.5in screen size) makes it more a successor to the HTC One Max than some kind of oversized deluxe version of the One (M8) itself.

But whether it was HTC's intention or not, that's exactly how the Prime has been pitched – it can't have helped that Samsung also has a “Prime” edition phone in the works that is actually a genuine deluxe version of the standard S5).

That could all be nonsense, to be fair, and we could be talking supply or production issues, in which case expect fellow Taiwanese institution DigiTimes and its supply chain sources to be all over this anytime soon.

For now, though, it seems the One (M8) Prime is a non-starter. Unless HTC changes its mind again, of course.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 30, 2014 at 17:20

WEll... less is more, right?!


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