HTC One purple noise camera issue confirmed, software update on the way

HTC One purple noise camera issue confirmed, software update on the wayOne of the headline features on the HTC One, other than its sexy aluminium body and front-firing stereo speakers, is the UltraPixel camera, which technically weighs in at 4MP, but delivers way beyond what that figure would usually imply.

Alas, a small numbers of users have reported a strange purple hue in some shots, though the Taiwanese manufacturer promises that a software update will address it shortly.

One of HTC’s claims is that the One’s UltraPixel rear camera captures “300% more light”, making for quality low-light shots and less noise.

However, in some low-light conditions, HTC One users report a purple-hued noise layer, an issue now acknowledged by the manufacturer, though it suggests that it “occurs only in the presence of a limited combination of conditions”.

In a statement given to Italian site HDBlog, HTC says: “We recently received isolated reports of a purple color that appears on the images taken with HTC One. After examining the internal relations,we are planning a software update that will improve the contrasts of color in low light conditions.

“As we work to improve this aspect of the user experience, we would like to thank our customers for their patience. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, we ask you to contact our customer service for assistance. "

Anyone here using an HTC One? Any sign of that purple hue?

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