HTC ramps up orders, HTC One supply issues solved?

HTC ramps up orders, HTC One supply issues solved?HTC is said to have placed orders with short turnaround times for high volumes of key HTC One components, suggesting the supply shortage of its new Android smartphone device may finally be about to ease.

According to DigiTimes, the Taiwanese firm has placed short lead-time orders for enough integrated circuit parts to produce “an additional several million units” of the in-demand handset.

HTC is well aware every day that passes without it being able to meet the demand for the HTC One is a day it won't get back – especially with the Samsung Galaxy S4 on-sale date of April 26 now looming large.

Still, hopefully those days are numbered – if DigiTimes' “industry sources” are to be believed. The report doesn't mention the components said to be causing the supply logjam – said to be related to the camera – but the fact that other parts are being ordered in high numbers and at short notice suggests the company finally feels it can start to satisfy global demand.

And about time too. The HTC One missed its original UK on-sale date of March 15 – a month ago today – and while it is now finally available locally, other markets are still waiting.

Having just racked up its sixth straight quarter of diminished profits to pull in just £1.85m in Q1, the HTC One's contribution over the three months to mid-year will be vital if HTC is to avoid officially slipping into the red.

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asd1234m  Apr. 15, 2013 at 22:12

cancelled my order after being informed i would have to wait till end of april. that 2 months after i ordered.

Islandsnapper  Apr. 16, 2013 at 11:08

Ordered direct from HTC on the 5th - initially it said 3 days , this jumped to 16 days , its back down to 5 , but if it jumps any further I'll be cancelling too... I've owned many HTC phones but currently own a S3 , and have no qualms getting an S4 , which ever I can get first will be the route I take.

Customer service from HTC during this "Pre-Order" has been terrible....they have even been willing me to cancel.
Topping it off , after being told supplies go on a first come first serve basis, my colleague ordered yesterday and his wait time is a day less than mine.


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