HTC revenues slump back to pre-HTC One levels

HTC revenues slump back to pre-HTC One levels

We're trying to stay positive about HTC's prospects, mainly because it really has upped its game in terms of the quality of its new smartphones in 2013, but you can only do so much.

And there's simply no way to sugar-coat the latest news, that its monthly revenues for July have come in at the lowest level since before the HTC One was released, and 37% down on this time last year.

HTC, which reports its monthly revenues separately to the more detailed quarterly figures we see as per other mobile manufacturers, brought in NT$15.728bn (£343m) in July, the lowest monthly earnings since March and 28.75% down on June's numbers.

The damning figures, however, are the 37.15% drop on July 2012's numbers, and the overall 29.74% drop in its total for the first half of the year versus the same period in 2012.

With HTC having forecast revenues of NT$50bn (£1.09bn)for Q3, that leaves August and September with more than NT$34.2bn (£745m) of that tab to pick up – a tough ask considering HTC One sales should continue to fade now that it's no longer picking up sales from early adopters.

Yes, there's the HTC One mini to look forward to, which is set to go on sale later this month, but nothing so far indicates it'll have anything like the same impact as the One.

And let's not forget all of that is to achieve what HTC predicts will still probably be a slight loss overall in Q3.

And so long as the numbers keep looking so weak, HTC will remain under pressure to come up with game-changing new devices. Having already done so this year with the HTC One, and now being back where it started in terms of results, it's hard to see much reason for optimism to be honest.

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