HTC rolling out Honeycomb to Flyer owners

HTC rolling out Honeycomb to Flyer owners

HTC seems all to keen to churn out the handsets like nobody's business but when it comes to updates, it takes its time. And that's being kind.

Just look at the umming and ahhhing over the Ice Cream Sandwich commitment and the debacle over giving Gingerbread to Desire owners.

Now, it's the turn of the HTC Flyer to get something it should have had months ago. HTC's tablet has been out since May but even when it launched rocking Froyo 2.2, it was falling behind Motorola's Xoom which already had Honeycomb.

Now, as the world waits for ICS, OTA updates are finally hitting HTC's first tablet giving it Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We assume Ice Cream Sandwich will be released sometime around 2015.

If you get a download notification, make sure you do it over Wi-Fi as it's a fairly hefty download at 210MB. Though it may be a couple of days as reports of it happening are coming from elsewhere in Europe - namely France and the Netherlands - rather than Blighty.

And thank the lord you're not a Nexus One owner!

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