HTC Sensation Special Edition coming soonish. Hopefully

HTC Sensation Special Edition coming soonish. HopefullyPhew. With all the HTC goings on – official stuff, unofficial stuff – over the past few days, we’re still playing catch-up. I reckon this bad boy brings us up to speed though.

The HTC Sensation is one of the best smartphones money can buy, so you’d be forgiven for wetting your pants a little when we say the Taiwanese manufacturer has a sexed-up sequel in the works. Oh yes.

A leaked spec sheet for the so-called HTC Sensation Special Edition promises a Qualcomm 8260 1.5GHz processor, 4GB storage and 768MB RAM, and battery life is upped from 1,520mAH to 1,730mAh.

As with the rumoured HTC Runnymede, the HTC Sensation Special Edition will apparently be a Beats Audio collaboration, with in-ear headphones thrown in. Incidentally, the leaked spec sheets for both appear in identical formats. Interesting…

The HTC Sensation Special Edition will supposedly go for £520 SIM free, or £FREE on a £35PM 24M contract.

via: CNET

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matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 2, 2011 at 12:33

Looks like a quality phone, HTC have finally fitted a decent amount of ROM to one of their phones :D. Only downside is it still has 768mb of RAM not the 1gb of the S2 and Evo 3D...With that heavy sense 3.0 UI, 1gb would probably be a good idea...


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