HTC Sensation: Tweak gives better camera performance

HTC Sensation: Tweak gives better camera performanceHTC may be Android Ice Cream Sandwich-happy right now - and so are developers, by the looks of things.

A new mod has been posted over on XDA Forums which gives you even more bang for your buck if you use the camera regularly - with the 1080p video recording quality upped and adds an experimental 1250 ISO mode.

It's cool in the sense that it will help you improve the quality of photos taken though obviously, this is a software mod, not a hardware mod and will mean that you are, ultimately, shooting with the 8MP camera.

That said, the lack of compression should mean some pretty impressive results on a camera that is already pretty darn good.

A warning though - this won't work on the official HTC Android 4.0 OS that is being rolled out - just the modded version. Head over to XDA for more info.

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mrew42  Mar. 23, 2012 at 07:15

I've got the mod and it does unleash the capabilities of the 8mp sensor. Much less compression and artefacts, particularly when you zoom in. Don't really shoot video so can't comment, but HTC should take note of this mod and consider it for an update. I leave my pooand shoot at home now as it really does compete for clarity etc.


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