HTC Sensation XL lands in the UK

HTC Sensation XL lands in the UKHTC's latest multimedia behemoth, the Sensation XL, has officially gone on sale in Britain.

The massive 4.7-inch white device is being offered for £486 at Clove Technology which includes VAT but you'll have to whack P+P on top. The Beats Audio device comes with some snazzy BA headphones - themselves worth about £60 - to make sure you get maximum audio pleasure from your premium purchase.

It's a fairly hefty price tag considering the just-as-well-equipped Sensation XE comes in at £450, albeit with a smaller screen. However, shift your attention to Amazon and that same price tag will get you an XL, if you're prepared to wait a week.

Thankfully, if you can't afford to fork out that much cash this close to Christmas, you can also pick it up on contract with Three. You'll get it for absolutely nothing - but you will have to sign your life away for the next two years on a deal that costs £34 a month. It's not a bad price though, considering that'll bag you 500 mins (any time, any network), a staggering 5000 texts and you can, of course, take advantage of Three's very generous mobile internet policy.

The Sensation XL is being touted as a true multimedia handset - with the Beats Audio just one selling point of a device that also gives us an 8MP camera, HSDPA and Sense 3.5. Unusually for a HTC Android device (and a phone of this calibre), the XL is "limited" (read: crippled) by a non-expandable 16GB memory.

So your tunes may sound great - but you won't be able to fit that many on them if you're also planning on watching a few flicks.

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