HTC Sensation XL: Pre-orders now open

HTC Sensation XL: Pre-orders now openWhite phones are all the rage these day: not so much chavtastic as stylish and chic and available on a range of handsets from iPhones to BlackBerries to Androids.

And the latest, HTC's Sensation XL, is now up for pre-order at The Smartphone Centre - a fairly new addition to the sim-free scene.

It's not cheap at £479.95 with free delivery which makes it almost £100 dearer than its competitor, the Galaxy S2. But what you're getting for your money is HTC's Android expertise with latest sense interface and Beats Audio - the manufacturer's new pet project.

In the box, you'll even get a customised Beats headset which goes over the head rather than in the ears. We've seen a few of these out and about and they look quite retro (in that they're huge) but also really quite cool.

The Sensation XL gives you a lot of real estate for your money with a massive 4.7-inch screen. Thankfully, it's not giant all over and is only 9.9mm thick. HD video recording completes the set along with all of the top end specs you would expect from a handset of this calibre.

However, a word of caution. Whilst the Beats Audio gives you amazing sound quality, you won't be able to listen to that much music on the Sensation XL. That's because - for incredibly bizarre (read: stupid) reasons known only to HTC - the Sensation XL is fitted with just 16GB of internal memory and no option to expand it. It's criminal.

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Treab  Oct. 19, 2011 at 11:34

This has got to be HTC's biggest fail to date...

let us compare it to say.. the HTC sensation XE

internal memory

16gb vs 4gb (xl 1 point it may struggle from now on..)

1.5ghz single core vs 1.5ghz dual core (XE wins here)

4.7" screen vs 4.3" screen (xl another point)

ram 768mb vs 768mb (draw)

Beats vs Beats (draw)

expandable memory 0 vs upto 32gb (guaranteed) (XE by a huge margin)

price 479.99 vs 469.99 (sensation xe takes it again)

windows vs android (Xe again... sorry i should explain this is just a rebranded Titan which is current on the market for... 479.99 (shocker right))

winner by a huge ass margin... SENSATION XE lets give her a round of applause..

blizzard7  Oct. 19, 2011 at 16:20

Specs this, specs that. Maybe some people just want a large screened phone?

Treab  Oct. 19, 2011 at 16:22

then buy the galaxy nexus

around the same price nearly the same size and more raw power... this is a disaster of a phone.


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