HTC Sense 3.0 won't be coming to older handsets

HTC Sense 3.0 won't be coming to older handsetsOne of the highlights of the new HTC Sensation that was introduced earlier this week was the presence on board of an updated version of HTC's Sense user interface.

But if you're hoping HTC Sense 3.0 will be rolled out to other Android phones in the Taiwanese firm's stable, you're likely to be disappointed thanks to the UI's strict hardware requirements.

The latest version of Sense introduces a host of new features to HTC's Android overlay, including new 3D animation on the homescreen, and new smart lock screens.

But the bad news is that of the current crop of HTC devices, only the Sensation, the US-only Evo 3D and the Flyer tablet will be able to run it, leaving popular handsets such as the Desire HD and Incredible S out in the cold.

HTC confirmed as much in a tweet: “Due to Sense's hardware requirements, only our newest devices (Flyer, Evo 3D, Sensation) will be able to support it.”

All is not entirely lost, however, with a follow-up tweet clarifying the matter: “aspects of the latest HTC Sense won’t work on some previous devices. We are working to incorporate other aspects that will.”

Just what those aspects are, and which devices can look forward to receiving them via update, is anyone's guess for now, but something is better than nothing.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 15, 2011 at 10:10

Ah, I always enjoy reading about Android UI 'enhancements' :D Not saying Sense isn't good, but IF Symbian and BB OS are oh so drab/old/ugly/boring, how come Android UI add-ons are so important? Could it be because generic 'vanilla' Android looks like something sold in the German Democratic Republic circa 1985? :p
Hahaha ease up - a whole weekend to get over this direspectfulness. Make it a good one :)


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