‘New HTC One’ shown off in UltraPixel video. Uhm, kinda

‘New HTC One’ shown off in UltraPixel video. Uhm, kindaIn another uncanny turn of Mobo-events, HTC has effectively answered last week’s question: What does Ultrapixel mean?

More interestingly, it goes on to describe the UltraPixel configuration on the “new HTC One”, though with the launch still two weeks away, the pertinent information is beeped/blurred out.

Somewhat surprisingly, HTC’s “Technical Translations #3: ULTRAPIXEL” video (YouTube) is actually pretty funny, even to a curmudgeonly old man like me.

On the right is the technical guy, who explains what UltraPixels mean in terms of micrometers, dynamic range and sensitivity, while the guy on the left translates: “It’s awesome in the dark. UltraPixels mean that it looks great even in low light.”

The best part, however, comes at the 59-second mark, when the technical guy randomly whips out the “new HTC One”. Alas, it’s blurred out (which is arguably what makes it funny). Similarly, the ensuing technical talk is beeped out.

So essentially it’s been confirmed that the “new HTC One” will have an UltraPixel camera. Not that there was any doubt.

Countless leaks suggest the “new HTC One” will in fact have two rear camera sensors for enhanced zooming and depth of field effects.

We’ll get the full story at the “new HTC One” launch on March 25.

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